Three Lessons That Integrate Technology

Lesson 1: National Geographic for Kids, Geospy Continent Identification Gameimages.jpg

Grade 2, Social Studies
This online game is great for students who need to learn the location and shape of the seven continents on a map. This game provides students with a blank map and a movable target. The students are asked to locate one continent at a time by moving the target on that body of land and clicking. If the students identify the incorrect continent, the correct answer is given to them so they can fix their answer. This is much more exciting and interactive than using paper and pencil. They must identify all seven continents in 30 seconds or less. Once they have completed the mission, they can try to improve their speed by beating their old record!
Geospy Continent Game

Lesson 2: States of Matter PowerPointscienceclip.gif
Grade 2, Science

This PowerPoint reviews the characteristics of the threes states of matter. and then guides students into an interactive sorting activity where they have to determine if an object is a solid, liquid, or gas based on its characteristics. The PowerPoint was made for 4th grade, but it is definitely something that could be used in 2nd grade as well. I would share this presentation with my students as a fun way to review after introducing the three states of matter.
States of Matter

Lesson 3: Digital Cameras in the Classroom
Grade 2, Math
I found this website and it lists numerous ways to use digital cameras in the classroom. One idea that I thought was really great was using digital cameras during a geometry unit in math. After spending some time discussing and identifying basic geometric shapes, students working together in partners are sent out into the school armed with digital cameras. Their goal is to find examples of geometric shapes and photograph. Later the images could be uploaded into a slide show and the students could present their findings. Another great idea on this website was to make a "Classroom Rules" book. At the beginning of the year, I spend a great deal of time with my students discussing and modeling our classroom rules. This lesson would allow students to model the rules the correct and incorrect way. The students would capture the modeling with a digital camera and later the pictures would become the illustrations to the classroom rules and could be bound into a class book.
Digital Cameras in the Classroom

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Teacher Tube
If you enjoy searching and watching videos posted on YouTube, then you will definitely enjoy this website for educational purposes. Just like YouTube, you can search and view video clips on almost any educational topic. You can find teachers teaching lessons or students presenting projects or concepts they have learned. This a great resource for introducing a new topic and integrating technology into your classroom at the same time!

This website is a great site for elementary students to use in the computer lab to reinforce skills taught in the classroom. It offers a variety of games for math, reading, and language arts. You can find games that allow students to practice anything from blends, contractions, synonyms, and antonyms to additions facts and counting coins. Be sure to check it out!

Facebook is a website that I go on almost daily. It is a social networking site and I have found that it is a great way for me to keep in touch with my friends from college that I no longer see every day. You can post information about yourself and also check out your friends profiles to see what has been happening in their lives as well.

Favorite Online Educational Website

A favorite website that I love to use with my students is called ABCya! They can do anything from keyboarding activities, to math fact practice, to designing funny faces. There are also holiday activities that the students can explore. I love how this website is organized by grade level, which makes it very easy for my students to navigate.

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