Assignment 1 - iPods in the Classroom
This website was created by a teacher who fell in love with using her iPod in her classroom. She has posted some of her ideas on how to use the iPod in a classroom and she has opened the website up to others, allowing them to post how they use the iPod on the classroom. A good resource for those elementary teachers just getting started with the iPod in the classroom. You will surely find some simple ideas on how to use your iPod with students.

This website was created by a teacher in Springfield, IL and it gives a large variety of examples of how to incorporate iPods into the classroom. There are links to podcasts that explore other cultures around the world, the city sounds of New York, student created podcasts for book reports, and poetry. The site also has links to tools for teachers to use to help them get started using iPods with their students.

This is a link to an article called "Using iPods in the Classroom Promotes Interactive Learning and More Effective Studying". It brings up some very interesting points about how iPods can be used as a studying tool, so students can study on their walks home from school or on their bus ride home. All they have to do is upload the lesson to their iPods before they leave class. It also talks about what schools can do to prevent iPod abuse, like using them to cheat on exams.

This article, titled "iPods in the Classroom" discusses Duke University's implementation of iPods, giving one to each student. The purpose was for students to upload class notes and lectures to the iPod, however, some students chose to use them as a distraction instead. Many still believe that iPods can be used as efficient learning methods. Students who used the iPods for learning, rather than just entertainment, found that studying was much easier because they could use them when they were "on the go". The article brings up of the need to create a program that would eliminate the temptation or ability of accessing the distraction while in an educational setting.

This article talks about how iPods are just as valuable to students at their text books and gives ideas from middle and elementary teachers on how to use an iPod with students. It gives some ideas for different podcasts students can make, as well as using the iPod for phonics acitivities for the lower grades.

This is a website created by an early childhood teacher and she lists ways that she uses the iPod with her students. The most interesting part I found on this site, was how she organized her playlists for her students. She also lists links to for helpful resources that teachers may want to purchase.

This is a social networking page for educators interested in technology. The link that I posted above will take you to a discussion board where teachers are continually posting how they use iPods with students. You are able to "follow" the discussion and receive email updates as teachers post their responses. I think this will be nice to get fresh ideas from other educators.

Learning in Hand, iPod Lesson Plans is a website that lists a bunch of teacher-created lesson plans that all use iPods. There is even a search box so a search can be narrowed down.

Cave Creek Unified School District in Scottsdale, Arizona, has implemented iPods in their daily education and teachers of all levels have posted their lesson plans for others to use and get ideas from.

Apple Education Resources has provided a variety of educator-related lessons for ranges from Primary ages to High School to ELL. You can listen to samples and view examples of videos.

Assignment 2 - Ahas!
My 5 Ahas after looking at my classmate’s wiki posts were:
1. Kristina found 100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better and within that website I found a Brain Quest game for iPods. Although it is not compatible with the iPod touch, it is with every other iPod. I have an old Nano that it would work with. It only costs $20, and would be easily affordable with my yearly budget and I know the kids would love it. It would be a great “free time” activity or a center activity during guided Reading.
2. I really like Jason’s personal webpage on Podcasting. I loved that I could listen to podcasts that he had done with his students. I was able to get some ideas to try out with my own students. I was able to listen to all of the different affects that can be added to podcasts. Thanks, Jason!
3. My third “Aha” came from Kylene’s link to an article called “Grand Prairie schools welcome iPods in classroom”. I know that my students love listening to music and singing along with it when I play my iPod during work time or break time. I never thought to have them write their own songs and record them as podcasts. I know that my second graders would love to sing along to their classmates’ songs that relate to our learning and now that I have an iPod touch and know how to make podcasts, this will be fun and easy!
4. Thanks, Sara for finding the free sound effects page (A1 Free Sound Effects). As I was recording my podcast with my students and adding effects, I was searching all over for sound effects. I will definitely bookmark this page for future use to beef-up my podcasts!
5. Tricia found an article called “iPods in the Classroom”. It was easy to read because it was set up in a question/answer format. Some of the same questions that I have running through my head were addressed in this article. It talks about educational possibilities, as well as innovative ways to incorporate the iPod into the classroom. I never thought to record my students voice for fluency practice!

Assignment 3 - Free Podcast
I subscribed to the free podcast called "Why? The Science Show for Kids" with scientist Dr. Dave Brodbeck. Kids ask questions like "Why can't fish remember?" or "Have spaceships ever gone to the sun?" Most of the podcasts are shorter than 5 minutes so it works perfect to use with my students during transition times or if we have a few extra minutes before lunch or while getting ready to pack up for the day. The kids love it because the questions come from kids, so it gets them interested right away.
[[file:/C:/Users/Krystal/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Podcasts/Why_ The Science Show For Kids/Episode 24 - What was the first anim.mp3|file:/C:/Users/Krystal/Music/iTunes/iTunes%20Music/Podcasts/Why_%20The%20Science%20Show%20For%20Kids/Episode%2024%20-%20What%20was%20the%20first%20anim.mp3]]


Assignment 4 - Unit Plan

Assignment 5 - Create 2 Podcasts__

Student Podcast - Reader's Theater of "Three Billy Goats Gruff"

Teacher Podcast - Working With Words Lesson that can be used at a listening center during Daily 5 Rotations for Guided Reading.